Narratives to the Chinese Diaspora

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What is 

The WeChat Project?

Over the past few years, WeChat has gained a reputation for circulating right-wing political disinformation. This has been particularly harmful to the Chinese American community, who have had limited access to reputable reporting.

The WeChat Project provides alternative, progressive perspectives on some of the most widely circulated issues on WeChat: affirmative action, police brutality, systemic racism, LGBTQ+ issues, and more. Our bilingual articles cross the language, generational, cultural, and informational barriers that exist within our community and within our families.

We hope to find new ways for Chinese Americans to relate to the struggles of all marginalized peoples.

The WeChat Project



The WeChat Project(​”心声“)为微信上流传最广的一些问题提供了另类、渐进的观点,如平权行动、警察暴行、系统性种族主义、LGBTQ+问题等等。我们的双语文章跨越了我们社区和家庭中存在的语言、代际、文化和知识障碍。